The ups and downs of young people on the web

Teens and Technology. Not all technology is bad. “Chat room pervert jailed for attack on boy” “Man accused of seducing young girl on web” Headlines like these from the news and shows like NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” have made parents understandably anxious about their teen’s Internet use, especially when it comes to social media websites, like Facebook. The Internet can seem like a big city at night—full of hidden dangers and temptations; a place you wouldn’t let your children go to alone. But is the Internet really such a menace? A report by the Internet Safety Task Force (created … Continue reading The ups and downs of young people on the web

The future is going to be on your face

I, Glasshole: My Year With Google Glass An anecdote: I wanted to wear Google Glass during the birth of our second child. My wife was extremely unreceptive to this idea when I suggested it. Angry, even. But as we got a bit closer to the date, she began to warm to it and eventually landed somewhere in the neighborhood of bemused hostility. I assumed the plan would sell itself. Glass has a slew of features that made my case: hands-free Internet, voice recognition, and a camera that makes snapping pictures an automatic action. Touch it at the temple and you … Continue reading The future is going to be on your face

Violence is not just a game

Game Theory: Exploring Meaningful Violence “Boring” isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind when one thinks about violence. And yet that’s exactly how I felt about so much of the shooting, maiming and torturing in the video games of 2013. As I nodded off amid my 40th gunfight in the first-person shooter BioShock Infinite, I had to ask: Am I desensitized to video game violence, or is there something more going on here? Last year, I wrote that I’d like to see more games embrace the concept of specific, personal violence. So many games dehumanize enemies, letting us … Continue reading Violence is not just a game

Virtual farmers connect people with food

Tech startups create virtual farmers markets Sara Pasquinelli doesn’t shop at the grocery store much anymore. The busy mother of two young boys buys nearly all her food from a new online service that delivers to her front door — but it doesn’t bring just any food. The emerging tech startup specializes in dropping off items that Pasquinelli probably would only be able to find at her local farmers market. Minutes after her weekly order arrived at her San Francisco home, Pasquinelli unpacked bags and boxes of finger limes, organic whole milk, kiwi fruit, beef short ribs, Dungeness crab … Continue reading Virtual farmers connect people with food

Viagame simulates crazy driving

Crazy race tests whether virtual driving skills carry over to real life Does being good at driving simulator games translate very well to real life racing? Swedish digital games store Viagame decided to find out with an unusual test: strapping a real race car driver into the same vehicle as a decorated video gamer to go head-to-head in both the real and virtual worlds. All this took place at the Circuit de Catalunya, a race track in Barcelona, where the pair climbed into a Renault Mégane RS 265 coupe outfitted with a gaming PC and a 19-inch monitor in the … Continue reading Viagame simulates crazy driving

Should we pay for virtual worlds?

Kitely pricing confuses; Zetamex steps up to cloud I understand that virtual worlds are a new thing, and that companies need to experiment with business models and pricing structures to see what fits the market best. And I’m totally in favor of lowering prices, simplifying pricing structures, or providing more options for customers. But I don’t understand where Kitely is going with its announced set of pricing changes. Maybe I’m not really understanding this well, but it seems that Kitely is eliminating the free plan, getting rid of plans where visitors pay for their own access, and expanding the flat-rate … Continue reading Should we pay for virtual worlds?

Oculus Rift for marketing

Virtual reality a draw at conferences We’re back from Autodesk University in Vegas, where we had the opportunity to show some of our latest Oculus Rift projects to the architecture, engineering and construction crowd there. Wow, was that ever fun! Exhibiting can be a boring, exhausting experience, but not with the Rift! From beginning to end, it never gets old watching people experience virtual reality for the first time. It was also great seeing our builds in the HD prototype Rift for the very first time at the Oculus booth. Oculus Rift for trade show exhibits One take-away from this … Continue reading Oculus Rift for marketing