How to spend real money for virtual celebrities


Living Like the Kardashians, via Smartphone

It was quite a glamorous weekend. First, I flew to Los Angeles to star in a commercial for athletic wear. Then I flew right back to New York, where I met my handsome boyfriend, Christian, a famous music producer, for a romantic date at our favorite nightspot. That was all on Saturday. On Sunday, I jetted off to Miami with my entourage for a glitzy club appearance. I don’t always live like this. In fact, in flesh and blood, I never do. This was a candy-colored fantasy in a virtual world that I can indulge in, thanks to a mobile game about becoming a Hollywood celebrity. It’s great, mindless fun — similar, at least in its addictive quality, to mobile games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds. What I found most surprising about this one is that much of its allure comes from Kim Kardashian, the celebrity, who is a major presence in the game. …[READ]


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