Are virtual actors better than human?

studios digital

At CounterPunch Studios, actors’ digital doubles come to life

Like a scene in a science fiction movie, actor Robbie Amell stands inside a giant aluminum globe, staring into hundreds of bright lights and a half-dozen cameras pointed at him. “Brows up, eyes open, take one” a technician tells Amell, who promptly arches his eyebrows and makes big bug eyes. “Three, two, one,” the technician says. The lights flash, and cameras click in machine-gun-fire succession to capture Amell’s astonished expression. “Feels like ‘A Clockwork Orange,'” says Amell, referring to the famous scene in the movie in which Alex (Malcolm McDowell) is strapped to a chair and his eyes are pried open while he is forced to watch violent scenes. ….[READ]


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