Virtual office for training


What a Fake Office Says About Real Ones

If you like to take a break from work by messing around on Facebook, you now have a strange option: slacking off on your real job by joining a fake office. At Fast Company, Justine Sharrock reports on “business live action role play,” or BLARPing, specifically as practiced in the Facebook group Generic Office Roleplay. She explains: “Over 2,500 members from around the world fill its virtual pages with posts that mimic office-wide emails. There are passive aggressive notes about food stolen out of the fridge, mandates about office dress and office supplies, and tips for improving synergy. Think TV’s ‘The Office’ meets David Rees’s clip Art cartoons, ‘My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable’ meets live action role play (LARP), all happening on Facebook.” ….[READ]


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