Is Oculus Rift the marketer’s dream?


Virtual reality for marketers: 5 ways to succeed with Oculus Rift

With one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in history and a recent $2 billion acquisition by Facebook, it’s no surprise everyone is talking about Oculus Rift’s virtual reality technology which offers a degree of media immersion as-yet unseen by the screen-viewing public. It’s hard to describe the Oculus Rift experience to anyone who hasn’t tried it, but if you’ve have the chance to experience Game of Thrones’ “Ascend the Wall” or Wrigley’s “Experience 5Gum,” you’ll see the creative possibilities are mouthwatering. Thus far, experimentation with Oculus Rift has been restricted to developers, content creators and business folk, many of whom flocked last month to Los Angeles for the company’s first conference–Oculus Connect–to share their experiences, show off their work and discuss the future applications of the technology. ….[READ]



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