Motion tracking for smartphones


Pinc is a whimsical VR iPhone case that tracks your hands

There are as many kinds of VR headsets as there are proposed uses for the nascent technology. There’s the famous Oculus Rift, made of somber black plastic with thick foam padding. There’s Samsung’s white, bulbous Gear VR and Sony’s glowing, Tron-like Project Morpheus. There’s Google Cardboard and any number of other cheap paper eyepieces. But I’ve never tried on anything like the cartoonish pink box that is Cordon Media’s Pinć. Pinć (pronounced “pinch”) is a 3D-printed headset that looks neither gritty nor futuristic. It’s a brightly-colored iPhone 6 case with what looks like a pair of flat swim goggles inside, held in place by a thin elastic band. And it’s part of a platform for virtual reality that’s less about escaping into an alternate world than taking a quick jaunt through one. ….[READ]


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