Is virtual reality for gamers?


I hate video games but I love the Oculus Rift

Pop, pop pop pop… the bullets explode into the Chilean prisoners as I’m thrust into the line of fire. My body recoils, but I continue pushing forward until I’m just inches from their fractured faces, frozen with terror. I can’t hide. I’m helpless. The feeling is real, even though the scene I’m witnessing is not. This isn’t a game, it’s virtual reality storytelling at its best: the Oculus Rift disappears and becomes the medium through which the artist communicates an experience. At its worst, VR is a gimmick, a parlor trick that usurps the story being told. I saw examples of both at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). Back to back over the span of an hour, I wore an Oculus Rift DK2 to view what IDFA calls four of the “best and most engrossing virtual reality creations to date,” none of which are games: Assent, Zero Point, Clouds, and Strangers with Patrick Watson. That’s good for me, because I hate video games. ….[READ]


One thought on “Is virtual reality for gamers?

  1. VR never was pushed with an intent for games, it had some ideas but I just think the technology had potential as one of the inventions that permeates throughout the entirety of society.

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