What VR can do for filmmakers


Getting Traditional Filmmakers to Think ‘Outside the Frame’ for Cinematic VR

As more cinematic VR content emerges from early pioneers, traditional filmmakers are starting to catch on to the massive potential that virtual reality holds for immersive storytelling. However, the ‘flat screen’ is a very mature medium, one which has conventions that have been honed over more than a decade. Filming cinematic VR content, on the other hand, requires filmmakers to play by a new rulebook. Helping traditional filmmakers bust out of the frame and into cinematic VR filmmaking is the topic of a live webinar tomorrow (Thursday, December 11th) featuring Greg Downing, CTO of the Santa Monica based visual effects studio, xRez. To learn more about the perspective of the traditional filmmaker, and how that perspective intersects with the emerging medium of cinematic VR, I asked Jeremiah Karpowicz of ProVideo Coalition to fill us in. ….[READ]


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