How will we interact with screens?


The Big Future: What does the future of interaction look like?

The rise of smartphones has left us tapping away at touchscreens. In this week’s Big Future, we look at what comes after the glass. Will we all be speaking to our devices? Are augmented reality glasses and contacts going to feed us information all day? Or does touch interaction work so well that we’ll never really replace it? Touch has dominated for a long time. We’ve accessed and manipulated information with our hands and fingers for decades. Whether we recognize it or not, our brains are constantly processing information afforded by what we hold and telling our hands how to respond. What we’ve lost over the years as we swapped mouse and keyboard for glass touchscreens, though, is feedback. Our phones and tablets demand our attention in part because we have no sure way of knowing what we’re tapping when we look away. ….[READ]

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