New frontiers of VR film

Virtual Reality to Push Limits of Storytelling at Sundance Film Festival

After decades of setbacks, false promises and unfulfilled expectations, virtual reality is finally on the tipping point of becoming a widely adopted technology and artistic medium—and it would appear filmmakers are embracing VR’s potential. Later this month, nine new VR experiences will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is bringing VR out of the realm of science fiction, but the Rift alone won’t bring VR into the mainstream. While technology enthusiasts can imagine VR’s potential when they experience a prototype or early game, the general public will need to experience something uniquely thrilling to embrace the technology, and pay for it. Until there are extraordinary experiences, VR is little more than a cool optical illusion. So, let’s take a look what’s playing at Sundance and how these daring explorers of media are harnessing VR to tell their stories in a new way. ….[READ]


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