Inside the Cube


How Virtual-Reality Sharks Influenced the Dystopian World of Near Enemy

Wonders, being wonders, are best experienced first hand. And the story of the future—the actual, here-it-comes, hold-it-in-your-hands future, as opposed to the far-off, hazy, wouldn’t-it-be-great-to-have-hoverboards future—is often a story molded from first-hand experience. I am by no means an Early Adopter (I’m somewhere between Late Majority and Laggard), so every technological leap of faith I’ve made has come as a result of trying something out. Why do I need a tiny box that carries every single album I own? I once thought, until I listened to someone else’s iPod. Why do I care if my phone can also direct me with GPS? seemed like a perfectly logical line of reasoning until someone else’s phone did just that. Right now, I feel no visceral need to, say, enjoy a ride in a driverless car, but I can also imagine that might change dramatically once I ride in a driverless car. And even as someone who’s since written a pair of novels about a future jam-packed with virtual reality, I never truly believed that virtual reality was coming until I stepped inside the Cube. ….[READ]


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