Dreams in augmented reality



See the beautiful, nightmarish patent illustrations for a Google-funded augmented reality device

It’s been almost three months since Google lead a $542 million round of funding for the Magic Leap, an augmented reality project shrouded in mystery. Aside from vague claims about a “biomimetic Dynamic Digitized Lightfield Signal,” the CEO of Legendary Pictures calling it “jaw-dropping,” and Neal Stephenson becoming the project’s “Chief Futurist,” we still don’t know much at all. That changed this week when a massive Magic Leap patent application appeared on the US Patent and Trademark Office’s website. Patent filings are inherently broad in scope, especially for big companies like Google. (Apple is notorious for this.) Many of the ideas at play here may never make it to the final version of Magic Leap, but that doesn’t mean what’s inside isn’t fun to dream about. ….[READ]


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