How much do we anthropomorphize robots?


Why We Laugh at Robot Fail Videos

A bipedal humanoid robot, standing just over 4 feet tall, takes the first few steps up a staircase before crapping out, rigid and pathetic as it falls backward. A small tank-looking robot designed to dispense condiments, with Hulk arms applying pressure on a mock Heinz bottle, squirts ketchup all over a tabletop. There is something so exquisite about watching ​robots blow it, and it doesn’t take frequenting ​r/robotfails or ​r/shittyrobots to know this. Robots are slipping up big time, and it’s usually pretty hilarious so long as they’re not harming humans. At an almost primal level, it’s as satisfying to watch that kid-sized bipedal bot Asimo fall down, as it is watching ketchup bot indiscriminately blasting Heinz classic blend. When we watch robots fail, we so often delight in their fall. Why is that? ….[READ]


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