Bike simulator with Oculus Rift


I Went Mountain Biking

Not like taking a few jumps on a raked path in the woods behind my house like I used to do as a kid—I mean really mountain biking, the kind of thing you’d see on a GoPro commercial. The kind of thing that would almost certainly result in my death if I tried it without practice. Thanks to a motion bike and a VR headset, I got to taste the thrill without the risk. But can I really say “I went mountain biking”? First, let’s talk about the setup. I was riding Activetainment’s B1 bike which actuates forward and backward based on incline and has pedals, gears, and software-controlled resistance, meaning it can make it hard to pedal as I’m going uphill and easy when going downhill, you know… like a real bike. You can also lean left and right into turns… as you would on a real bike. ….[READ]


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