The slope of enlightenment


When Are New Technologies Ready For Business Development?

Exponentially advancing technologies (networks and sensors, infinite computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology, 3D printing, etc.) are producing disruptive growth and have begun transforming our world. However, the “expert only” nature of their interfaces and their stratospheric price tags have kept them primarily in the hands of billion-dollar companies. But this is starting to change. Decreasing prices, increasing performance, and the development of far friendlier user interfaces are making these platforms available to any and all. Thus each of these technologies hover on the verge of widespread adoption, and for those entrepreneurs able to stay ahead of this curve, the opportunities are considerable. If we want to stay ahead of this curve, it helps to understand a little more about the nature of exponential deception. That starts with understanding the powerful biases that inform the Gartner Hype Cycle. ….[READ]


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