How game environments are changing


Why video game engines may power the future of film and architecture

Epic Games, the company best known for Gears of War, has a very different plan for this generation of video games — one that expands far beyond what games are typically assumed to be. Founder Tim Sweeney sat down at the annual Game Developers Conference to explain why the company has moved away from expensive boxed blockbusters to its ambitious strategy for the future. “We realized the world was changing,” says Sweeney. “Last generation Epic was like this badass AAA game developer, but we were pretty remote. We’d ship a game every two or three years, it’d get a huge reception, and we’d go off and build another one.” Now Sweeney describes a more transparent company that serves the AAA industry but also the indie game community that has blossomed over the past decade. ….[READ]


One thought on “How game environments are changing

  1. As long as the environments of future games are impressively designed and complimented well, I’ll be a happy bunny.

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