Augmented reality as a hammer


The director of Creative Control explains his augmented reality nightmare

Just as Sundance has its coming-of-age stories, the paranoid tech parable is beginning to emerge as a newly dominant “SXSW movie.” It makes sense: with an audience that crosses over so heavily with the digital community, SXSW Film is an eager, receptive audience for your would-be Black Mirror episode. Benjamin Dickinson’s Creative Control, which appropriately enough started as a Kickstarter campaign, has all the elements of a juicy near-future nightmare: a potentially life-altering gadget, an anxiety-ridden protagonist who all too easily becomes addicted to it, and a sexual obsession that’s only exacerbated by it. But Creative Control, with its dreamy black-and-white cinematography and its knowing send-up of the Brooklyn creatives on which it focuses, is also a sharp satire of our present day — particularly the contradictions of being a creative person in a capitalist society. ….[READ]

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