Do you like watching other gamers game?


Twitch’s co-founder on the curious appeal of watching gamers game

Each month gamers from across the world log on to Twitch to spend over 300m hours watching other gamers game. It is an online phenomenon that has grown with such furious speed that Amazon paid a reported $970m to acquire the site in August last year. The secretive deal was struck after negotiations with Google apparently broke down, shocking the wider tech community and many of Twitch’s own employees. To non-gamers, the appeal of Twitch is curious. Why, the line of inquiry goes, would you want to watch others game when you can game yourself? It’s a question that Twitch’s co-founder and CEO Emmett Shear, a 31-year-old Yale computer science graduate, answers comfortably: “What it comes down to is people enjoy watching anyone doing something at the highest level of skill or with great savoir-faire, and that’s what Twitch is for video games. It’s this chance to watch these people who are really great at it do it.” ….[READ]


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