You are going to care about virtual reality


Virtual reality is coming to sex, sports and Facebook

Reality has a stalker. Its name is Virtual Reality. Once a concept that lived solely in the domain of science fiction novels (1992’s Snow Crash) and movies (2009’s Avatar), VR now is poised not only to challenge reality’s stranglehold on the way we engage with life, but possibly even eclipse it for sheer thrills. Gaming. Concerts. Family reunions. Sporting events. Even sex – all of it will be experienced in a hyper-real fashion and with a commonness that technologists predict will rival our incessant smartphone use today. The promise of VR was on display this week at Facebook’s F8 developers’ conference here, where attendees tested Oculus’ latest iteration, Crescent Bay, and demoed Samsung’s Oculus-powered Gear VR. But with Sony, HTC and others working on their own goggles, there’s a good chance we will all soon be diving into an alternate pixelated reality. ….[READ]


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