The VR gold rush in moviemaking

spikeJonze film

Spike Jonze and Chris Milk Discuss the Future of Virtual Reality Film

A few weeks ago, I found myself in Spike Jonze’s Chinatown home dodging Syrian kids as they played soccer. I was wearing a headset that had me immersed in a 360-degree virtual reality documentary shot at a refugee camp in Jordan. As I turned my head to follow the action on the field, I lost my balance and kicked the leg of the nearby kitchen table. I wasn’t used to watching a convincing virtual reality movie (who is?) and felt bested by technology, like when an old person is listening to a museum’s audio tour on headphones and keeps shouting at people because she can’t hear her own voice. The film was one of three that Jonze and the director Chris Milk had me experience using the headset. ….[READ]


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