Are virtual sports better?


Dream Teams

In the fall of 1979, while on a flight from Hartford to Austin, the writer Daniel Okrent was struck by an idea for conducting an auction of baseball players—or, rather, baseball players’ names and their future statistics. Nothing fancy: this was before the spread of personal computers and sabermetrics. His notion was that, using only the stats that could be tallied or figured from the box scores in the morning paper, you could approximate the potency of a virtual team, compare it against other virtual teams, and thereby imagine yourself as a real-life general manager in training. “It was because I was a shitty athlete,” he recalled recently. Fantasizing about what it would be like to play third base was too implausible. In Austin, he accompanied a few editors and writers from Texas Monthly to a barbecue joint, where he revealed the outlines of his new scheme. They weren’t interested. ….[READ]


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