Virtual biking on the Great Wall of China


Get a Real Workout in Virtual Reality with the Widerun Bike Trainer, Now on Kickstarter

Stationary biking is boring almost anyway you slice it. And while some people can zone out to music or lock their attention to a TV screen, others crave something a little more interactive. This is where Widerun sees their made-for-VR cycling system, a bike trainer that aims to get you cycling through 3D environments instead of staring at butts in the gym. Widerun, a project based out of Milan, Italy, wants you to connect your beloved bike to their device, put on your favorite VR headset and cycle across the seven hills of ancient Rome, the Brazilian rain forest, or anywhere else for that matter. And Widerun isn’t just a glorified bike rack either—with a Bluetooth connection to your computer, the system provides variable resistance based on the in-game environment, making those seven hills seem dauntingly real. ….[READ]


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