How actors can decide not to age


3-D digital scanning technology promises eternal youth in Hollywood films

The motion-capture technology that made “Avatar” one of the most expensive films in history will, in the not too distant future, become the tools of independent filmmakers on shoestring budgets.As computer graphic algorithms improve and costs fall, shooting a film with lights, cameras and human actors may be considered a quaint and expensive luxury. “There will be a crossover point,” said Paul Debevec, a research director at the Institute for Creative Technologies in Playa Vista near Los Angeles International Airport. “I think eventually it will only be the big budget movies that will be able to go on location with real actors.” The mission of ICT — a satellite research facility affiliated with USC and funded by the Department of Defense — is to improve military training exercises with immersive media experiences like virtual reality and photorealistic digital humans. ….[READ]


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