Is it the time for an entirely augmented world?

How Augmented Reality Became Disruptive

In 2006 John Peddy Research pegged the value of augmented reality industry, a space generally reliant on webcams and desktops, to be in the ballpark of $150 million. This news was coupled with the disclaimer that the industry appeared to be growing rather quickly. By 2007 we understood that this disclaimer was more of a foreshadowing, as it marked the birth of the iPhone. This device set a precedent for smartphones which brought augmented reality apps into the hands of millions of people, sparking remarkable growth and sending the estimates soaring, with forecasts from Juniper Research expecting the industry to grow to 700 million by 2014. Fast forward to 2015, and you will find the valuations are getting out of control, with Digi-Capital projecting the augmented reality sphere to grow to $120 billion by 2020. This information necessarily precludes any debate over Augmented Reality’s membership into the “disruptive technology” club, and we are now left to determine its causes. ….[READ]


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