Consuming food in the VR world

Eating the Uncanny Valley: Inside the Virtual Reality World of Food

When the robots roam the land as our omnipotent overlords, I imagine the only thing that will keep the waning group of ragtag rebels moving forward is the memory of how things once were. But would you be more inclined to stand up to your cybernetic conquistadors if you had the ability to actually experience first-hand what, say, maguro collar looked and tasted like before its memory was obliterated from the world? A recent virtual reality resurgence could thankfully help you achieve such a watershed moment during humanity’s inevitable decline. VR tech and its practitioners are redefining how we think about and interface with food, and one of the myriad applications could be to preserve the taste of extinct or lost foodstuffs for future generations of post-apocalyptic gastronomes. ….[READ]


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