Are immersive technologies antisocial?

Augmented Reality Might Fix Our Posture, Social Lives

“I think it’s a natural evolution that we will all be wearing some lightweight, head-mounted display in the far future,” Daqri VP of business development Brian Selzer said today on a panel at the NeuroGaming Conference. Selzer’s sense of inevitability was echoed by most of the panel, which was there to discuss the potential of augmented reality. Unlike virtual reality, which typically involves strapping to your head a pair of goggles that block out the real world, augmented reality tries to find a middle ground between the real and virtual by showing you some of both, often through a wearable device such as Google Glass or Microsoft’s HoloLens. As a result, consumer-facing AR experiences are much harder to develop because they aren’t limited to a controlled, virtual environment, Selzer said. ….[READ]


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