A virtual reality sports trainer

Virtual reality QB trainer a ‘game changer’

You are the quarterback of the Stanford Cardinal football team and you’re lined up directly behind the center, ready to take a snap. Look up and around the center’s shoulder and you see the defense getting set. Turn around and you see the running back right behind you. Peek left and right. Yup, your receivers are lined up. The ball snaps. Your hands twitch, receiving an imaginary ball. By habit your feet shuffle mimicking your drop, eyes always looking downfield. Uh oh. The strongside linebacker has shed his blocker and is coming right at you. Your X receiver is covered. Is the slot guy open? Should you check down? You have a fraction of a second to decide as the play unravels. Pop off the goggles and headset and the charging strongside backer and lush green football field vanish. Instead, you’re standing in a room with a laptop open on the table in front of you. ….[READ]


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