How VR simulation con improve learning

5 aspects of education about to be transformed by virtual reality

In response to a Quora question, here are five main ways that education will be affected by virtual reality. 1. The ‘Magic Schoolbus’. Virtual reality will allow teachers to take students on guided virtual field trips to foreign locations, to historic events, or to witnesses processes too small, too big, too fast, or too slow to see in real life. 2. The flight simulators. Virtual reality will allow students to practice real-world skills that are too dangerous, or too expensive, or too rare for novice students to attempt, and it will allow professionals to keep honing and expanding their skills. Medical students can practice surgeries, ecologists can practice identifying rare species, language students can practice new vocabulary, mechanics can practice tricky repairs, sales people can practice their scripts, and, of course, new pilots can practice flying airplanes. ….[READ]


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