Is virtual reality market growing?

We’re Seriously Underestimating the Virtual-Reality Market

Virtual reality and augmented reality are about to become explosive growth markets. Within the last few years, we’ve seen a range of exciting prototypes, and significant investment from tech heavyweights like Microsoft and Google. And recently, a report by the digital M&A firm Digi-Capital predicted that the combined AR and VR industries could be worth $150 billion by 2020. That’s a big number. To put in perspective, the entire global video game industry is worth just $93 billion. Given the hype around VR and AR, it’s easy to be skeptical of that prediction. But there are real fundamentals at play that could make $150 billion seem like a conservative estimate. Let’s begin by addressing the driver of this disruption. The next era of computing is not about the digital world, but about how the digital and analog worlds intersect, placing the user at the center of that intersection. ….[READ]


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