Virtual reality for markets

Q&A: Martin Talks on VR and digital marketing

VR looks set to become more mainstream, but what implications does this have for marketing? I’ve been talking to Martin Talks, founder of 10x Army, a wearable tech and IoT company which specialises in virtual reality (VR). He’ll be speaking at our Future of Digital Marketing conference this week, looking at VR and digital marketing. When did you first become interested by virtual reality? My co-founder at 10x Army was the original product designer of the Oculus Rift VR headset. He was involved in the Kickstarter designs as well as the next two models. He had told me about the Oculus, but it wasn’t until he got me to put one on that I fully understood the power of VR. My first VR experience was a roller coaster ride that made me fall off my chair. Until you try VR, you don’t get it. ….[READ]


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