How serious is serious gaming

Serious games: ‘an innovative way (of learning) to collaborate’

The NLR has created a framework that supports the efficient development of high quality serious games. Serious games offer possibilities to support processes of change and new ways of training. Serious games are rapidly gaining in popularity and for good reason: the games allow users to experiment and creatively solve problems. Moreover, users directly receive feedback on their input, allowing them to learn from their mistakes. The NLR focuses on the development of serious games as a means of identifying and developing new possibilities for training. Gaming offers new ways of sharing knowledge and developing non-technical skills. Gaming can also be used to raise awareness of social and safety issues. ….[READ]


One thought on “How serious is serious gaming

  1. Play is the natural way all living things learn. Humanity is educated out of play, a skill that then has to be relearned.

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