What we’ll do with virtual reality

Sony’s VR Push Hinges on the Game We Thought We’d Never Play

It’s really my own fault for forgetting about the spiders. I’m calling them spiders because they had what any earthling would recognize as spiderlike qualities, but they weren’t spiders. They couldn’t have been. For one, each was the size of my space boot; for two and three, they were filled with white goo and it often took more than one pulse from my laser rifle to kill them. I’d already taken out at least a dozen of them—some as they crawled up a cave wall, others as they scuttled toward me across the alien landscape—but it wasn’t long before other, larger antagonists demanded my attention. And these shot fireballs at me. So I found cover behind a rock to wait out the projectile attack, and I forgot about the spiders. Actually, you know what? Time out. Let’s stop for a second. This is obviously the first part of a story about virtual reality. ….[READ]


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