The VR electric chair

The Shocking VR Experience of Old Sparky

VR enthusiasts gathered this past weekend for the SoCal Virtual Reality conference held at the University of California Irvine. With a day packed full of panels, demos, and entertainment, VRScout was able to sit down and chat with one creator about his VR experience that can be described only as an execution electric chair. Tucked away in a questionable room separate from the main demo hall sat an intimidating looking chair that one would immediately recognize from execution chambers. The high back dark wood grain protruded with wires and wrapped itself with leather straps around the armrest. An ominous sign placed on the seat of the chair summed up the feeling in the room, “Caution”. ….[READ]

One thought on “The VR electric chair

  1. oh wow, that is some extreme virtual reality there. It reminds me I played the simulation drowning game. Which sounds like the same sort of line of ‘fun’. I guess it may also be educational, as far as feeling what it is like.

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