VR for traders

#179: Visualizing Stock Market Data & Bringing VR to Wall Street with QuantVR

Eric Greenbaum was at a New York Virtual Reality Meetup when someone from the financial industry came up to him with some ideas for how to use VR to analyze stock market data. They decided to collaborate on QuantVR and develop a prototype demo of a stock market platform and data visualization tool that was shown at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo this spring. Greenbaum’s business partner has a lot of experience within the financial industry, and they’ve using that insight to create different 3D visualizations of financial data in order see patterns within the data. They created a Ticker Tube view that fills up your entire field of view in VR with data from 300-400 stocks, but they believe that VR has the potential to go beyond just adding a lot more screen real estate for 2D data. ….[READ]

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