The story of VR exposure therapy

Total immersion: how VR is transforming everything from education to medicine

March 2003. Infantry platoon Sergeant Chris Merkle and the 43 US marines and medics in his charge are under attack in Nasiriyah, Iraq. “We’re in the back of an open truck with a couple of sandbags. Bullets are flying through the packs and I can see bodies, burning buildings, the people, the carnage, other marines. We’re driving very slowly and getting shot at. I’m returning fire, and going over part of a bridge crossing a river. It’s partially blown out. There are bodies everywhere. I see [an enemy combatant] through my riflescope and we are getting closer, so I try to identify if he is dead. I always told my marines, and myself, don’t look at their faces, but I look right at his face. ….[READ]

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