Virtual reality versus augmented reality

Why Oculus isn’t pursuing augmented reality

Oculus has been a pioneer in virtual reality, literally kickstarting the current growth in the field. Yet the company has shown no real interest in the sibling technology of augmented reality, despite the seeming overlap in potential applications. At Gamescom 2015, spoke with Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, who outlined the reasons for keeping the realities divergent. In short? Augmented reality isn’t advanced enough yet to match what Oculus can do with immersive VR, and they don’t expect it to be for a long time yet. “It is a different market because it’s a different user experience,” Iribe says. “You see the real world and [rendered models will] appear holographic for a long time, because matching the lighting of the real world through the glasses is incredibly difficult. ….[READ]


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