Learning in virtual reality

Put Down the Textbook: How VR is Reimagining Classroom Education

We’ve spent the last month investigating many angles within virtual reality—from its implications on the web, to how VR can create peak emotional experiences on demand, to discussing whether it is okay if we prefer VR to our own physical reality.Last week, we brought the dialogue to Singularity University with the Future of Virtual Reality Event. After demos and during a panel discussion at the event, the speakers hit on an area that we have yet to cover in depth—learning and education. During the panel, Jazmin Cano, co-founder of VR gaming company Winistry and previously lead tech artist at Discovr Labs, guided the conversation to the subject of education and how we might use VR to create educational environments that are conducive for learners that thrive in more visual and immersive settings. ….[READ]


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