Practice makes perfect

Vanderbilt football among few using virtual reality

About two years ago, a tech-savvy graduate assistant coach made an eye-popping pitch to Derek Mason in the Stanford coaching offices. The idea was a virtual reality football training system that put players directly into a play that they already had run in practice. It wasn’t a video game. It wasn’t traditional game film. And it wasn’t yet invented – at least not to this imagined extent. “Back then, it was just a thought,” Mason said. “Now it’s reality.”Mason, a former Stanford defensive coordinator and now Vanderbilt head coach, reunited with that graduate assistant, Derek Belch, over the offseason. Belch, the co-founder of STRIVR, which stands for Sports Training in Virtual Reality, took on Vanderbilt as one of his start-up company’s earliest clients for virtual reality training. ….[READ]


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