How to raise money with AR and VR

How VR and AR Will Reinvent Consumer Electronics, Education, and Retail

We live in an age of disruption — industries will be transformed. This post (part 2 of 3) is a quick look at three multibillion-dollar industries (consumer electronics, education, retail) that are ripe for disruption this decade as a result of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Read last week’s post (part 1) here. Consumer Electronics — Displays/Screens. Today, displays (or screens) are everywhere. Your phone, computer, tablet, 50-inch living room TV, watch, etc. all use electronic displays to present digital information and entertaining content to your eyes, all day long. Most of these displays are fragile, typically glass, and expensive. The display market is projected to top $155 billion in 2020, dominated by companies like Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony. But this is about to change, disruptively. …..[READ]


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