How HoloLens inspires new ideas

Hands-On With Microsoft’s HoloLens, One Year Later

One year after showing off HoloLens, Microsoft’s augmented reality rig remains very much a work in progress. It’s not a virtual reality rig, it’s something entirely different. Just what it is, though, will be up to the software developers who’ll truly define the device. That’s why Microsoft is launching the HoloLens Developer Experience Showcase, a two month hands-on event next door to its flagship store in Manhattan. This is the first time Microsoft’s let the public play with HoloLens, and hopes to get people excited about it and working on killer apps. We’ve run down how HoloLens works with an in-depth hands-on earlier this year, explained why it isn’t a gimmick, and told you when the dev kit arrives, but it’s worth repeating that HoloLens isn’t virtual reality. It’s augmented reality. ….[READ]


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