The abortive VR craze of the ’90s

D’oh! Crash: The History of VR on The Simpsons

Thank you, Reddit. Once again you’ve cooked up something small, but glorious. Apropos of nothing yesterday, “dongxipunata” posted the above image to the r/Oculus subreddit. It tracks the eight (and counting moments) that VR appeared on The Simpsons, beginning with 1993’s unanimously beloved “Marge vs. the Monorail”—the year after Lawnmower Man hit theaters—and continuing through 2014’s not-entirely-beloved episode “Days of Future Future.” When we first saw this, we admit, we assumed that dongxipunata had used Simpsons image-search engine Frinkiac to compile the list. ….[READ]


One thought on “The abortive VR craze of the ’90s

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