Immersion is not exclusion

VR Shouldn’t Just Be Isolating—Here’s How It Can Be Social

A few weeks ago, at SXSW, I was walking down the street in Austin when I saw something that totally freaked me out. A man was seated in the back of a pedicab, his head turning left to right as he took in the views. Only he wasn’t looking at the real world. Strapped to his head, covering the top half of his face like a pair of ski goggles, was a Samsung Gear VR headset. I had no idea what this guy was looking at, but I did know we were seeing different things. Where I saw trees, the blue sky, and a throng of badge-wearing conference goers, this man saw… something else. Call me sensitive, but I found the experience a little jarring. VR’s immersive potential is, of course, its most compelling feature. ….[READ]

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