Is there an alternative to Oculus Rift?

The Samsung Gear VR makes virtual reality easy, but I still feel dumb using it Virtual reality is a difficult thing to review. It’s hard not to be impressed when you look into a screen and see a world, magnified to surround you and responding to the motion of your head. It’s even harder when the basic technology is so simple: almost every VR headset on the market is a mobile phone screen with some gyroscopic sensors and a pair of lenses. But when something like Samsung and Oculus’ Gear VR comes out, you can’t simply judge and recommend it … Continue reading Is there an alternative to Oculus Rift?

Are wearables a profitable business?

Why businesses are more excited than consumers about wearables While much of the wearable hype tends to focus on consumers, a new report from Forrester Research argues that businesses may be far more critical in driving adoption. In the report, “Five Urgent Truths About Wearables,” Forrester analysts found that 68 percent of global companies surveyed said wearables are a “priority” for their companies. The report was commissioned and presented at Le Web 2014 conference earlier this month in Paris. That level of interest compares to 45 percent of adults who expressed interest in wearables, according to the report. Forrester said … Continue reading Are wearables a profitable business?

Apple’s virtual reality

Has Apple Set its Eye on the Virtual Reality Market? With big names like Facebook and Samsung already gearing up for the virtual reality market, it is not much of a surprise that Apple has also set its eye on this market. It is said to be working on virtual reality related projects. Mashable found out that the tech giant recently posted a job listing for a virtual reality app engineer. This job listing provides different possibilities for the VR industry. Job Requirement. Apart from fulfilling the usual criteria list, the applicants are required to have experience in augmented reality … Continue reading Apple’s virtual reality

When will virtual reality become mainstream?

How tech giants from Facebook Inc to Samsung Electronics Co are trying to win the virtual reality game From visiting a beach in Hawaii while never leaving New York, test driving a luxury car before it’s on the road or battling dragons in an alternate world, virtual reality can now create immersive experiences which were once lofty promises. And spurned by innovations that have made it easier to offer virtual reality to consumers, companies such as Facebook Inc., Google Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. are all clamouring to make their own mark in this space. The flurry of activity in … Continue reading When will virtual reality become mainstream?