Avatars for young children

A Wi-Fi Barbie Doll With the Soul of Siri Ever since Siri appeared as a regular feature on the iPhone, certain young children — and, let’s face it, some of their parents — have spent hours chatting up the virtual assistant, curious about the details of her humanoid back story. Siri, where do you live? Siri, do you have a boyfriend? Siri, how old are you? At a time when grown-ups can use voice commands to find restaurants, change channels on their TVs or get directions, it seems logical that children would now expect devices to understand their speech and … Continue reading Avatars for young children

The future of virtual gaming

What new tech could do for gaming in virtual reality New ways to game and interact with virtual worlds are popping up every day. Across the gaming industry, VR is making a huge impact on the way we experience games and entertainment, and it’s just getting started. Sony’s Project Morpheus, Samsung’s Gear VR, and of course, the Oculus Rift, are all pushing the limits of virtual reality and how we interact with the everyday world. But those big names are just the tip of the arrow when in comes to reality-altering technology. During a recent Upload VR event, dedicated to … Continue reading The future of virtual gaming