Is Oculus Rift the marketer’s dream?

Virtual reality for marketers: 5 ways to succeed with Oculus Rift With one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in history and a recent $2 billion acquisition by Facebook, it’s no surprise everyone is talking about Oculus Rift’s virtual reality technology which offers a degree of media immersion as-yet unseen by the screen-viewing public. It’s hard to describe the Oculus Rift experience to anyone who hasn’t tried it, but if you’ve have the chance to experience Game of Thrones’ “Ascend the Wall” or Wrigley’s “Experience 5Gum,” you’ll see the creative possibilities are mouthwatering. Thus far, experimentation with Oculus Rift has … Continue reading Is Oculus Rift the marketer’s dream?

Is it worthwhile to invest in video games?

Destiny has joined GTA V as one of the most expensive games ever made – but does huge investment guarantee a good game? Whether you play them or not, video games are a big business. The market was worth £58bn last year, so makers know there’s a lot of potential moolah to be made. Destiny was released this week, and publishers Activision have announced it’s already sold $500m worth of copies, making it the most successful new video game franchise launch of all time. That also means it’s already made as much as was invested into the game. So does … Continue reading Is it worthwhile to invest in video games?

Is the future of money virtual?

A Revolution in Money Imagine it’s 2040. You go to the grocery store, and when you look for the checkout counter there is none. There’s no place to pay for your groceries because you already did. When you walked into the store, a sensor identified you, perhaps from a ring or watch you were wearing that transmitted the information. Or perhaps you didn’t need to wear anything special. Maybe a device in the store figured out who you were using a combination of facial recognition, 3-D body shape identification and your gait. Your unique identifier is attached to your digital … Continue reading Is the future of money virtual?

Is virtual gambling the business of today?

Gamblit Gaming raises $12M to create new kinds of real-money gambling games Gamblit Gaming is announcing today it has raised $12 million in funding for its real-money gambling platform. But rather than convert a social casino slots game into a gambling game, Gamblit is looking for something altogether new. Glendale-based Gamblit wants to make it easy for game developers to create games that can be easily adapted for real-money gambling in places such as the United Kingdom, where online gambling is legal. The money came from American Capital, a publicly traded private equity firm with $19 billion in assets under … Continue reading Is virtual gambling the business of today?