Your store via Augmented Reality

Shopping in the Past and in the Future We all know there are many reasons for why we shop on any given day: The first reason is more about buying the essentials, such as food, hygienic products or other things we need to survive, to feel healthy and comfortable. The second reason is all about lifestyle products which might not be essential for some, but still make us feel happy. I would even add another reason, but this is when it comes to luxury shopping. We long for goods which are costly and are not the most affordable items. So … Continue reading Your store via Augmented Reality

The virtual way to sell homes

VirtualTourCafe offers 3D VR real estate tours VirtualTourCafe introduces game-changing technology to their product of services that will over time change consumers demand when searching for homes online. Fox Business News recently interviewed Matterport CEO Bill Brown to talk about the new virtual reality 3-D camera introduced late last year, and the impact it could have on the real estate industry. Companies like VirtualTourCafe have been offering real estate virtual tours for many years, so what is so unique about this new technology? The difference is that the new camera is able to create 3-D virtual tours of homes by … Continue reading The virtual way to sell homes

VR Is Not Like Other Tech

Why Virtual Reality Doesn’t Need a Killer App to Get Huge On a frosty December morning in 1783, some 400,000 people gathered in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris to see the world’s first manned flight in a hydrogen balloon. Jacques Charles and his assistant, Nicolas-Louis Robert, ascended 1,800 feet into the sky accompanied by a mercury barometer, some sandbags, and a few bottles of champagne. “Nothing will ever quite equal that moment of total hilarity that filled my whole body at the moment of take-off,” Charles later wrote. “I felt we were flying away from the Earth and all its … Continue reading VR Is Not Like Other Tech

Is Oculus Rift the marketer’s dream?

Virtual reality for marketers: 5 ways to succeed with Oculus Rift With one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in history and a recent $2 billion acquisition by Facebook, it’s no surprise everyone is talking about Oculus Rift’s virtual reality technology which offers a degree of media immersion as-yet unseen by the screen-viewing public. It’s hard to describe the Oculus Rift experience to anyone who hasn’t tried it, but if you’ve have the chance to experience Game of Thrones’ “Ascend the Wall” or Wrigley’s “Experience 5Gum,” you’ll see the creative possibilities are mouthwatering. Thus far, experimentation with Oculus Rift has … Continue reading Is Oculus Rift the marketer’s dream?

How and when is law applicable online?

When Uber and Airbnb Meet the Real World on-demand apps that connect people who need something (a driver, a house cleaner, a grocery shopper) with people who want to do the job. On Thursday, the New York State attorney general said most Airbnb listings in the city violated zoning and other laws. Officials in California and Pennsylvania recently warned car services like Uber and Lyft that they might be unlawful. And workers’ rights advocates have questioned whether the people who provide these services should receive benefits, spurred by recent reports that some Homejoy house cleaners are homeless. Why have these … Continue reading How and when is law applicable online?