How wearables are changing health care

When our wearables talk with our doctors John Francis’s family has a history of high blood pressure, so when the 53-year-old Minnesotan saw that Apple’s online store offered a blood pressure monitor by iHealth that could upload data to a smartphone or tablet app, he bought it and began tracking his blood pressure. Surprisingly, the readings showed not only that his blood pressure was low but also that it was getting lower and lower. A month later, when the monitor, which also checked his pulse, measured it at a frightening 30-35 beats per minute (a normal rate is 60-100), he … Continue reading How wearables are changing health care

Augmented reality for vehicle exploration

    Vectorform shows visionary sales application for Google Glass Hardly any technology in recent times has been as controversial to society as Google Glass. Many have opinions, yet few have actually had the opportunity to experience the device first-hand. When it comes to “true” Augmented Reality, what is Glass really capable of? Vectorform – one of the leading agencies for technology and design has for some time now been hard at work developing applications for mobile devices such as data glasses. In association with Mediaplus and Serviceplan, Vectorform has become the first company in Germany to develop an AR … Continue reading Augmented reality for vehicle exploration