How to see whales and dolphins in their environments

WDS and EON partner to develop virtual dolphin experience app

EON Reality Inc., the world leader in virtual reality based education, and edutainment apps has teamed up with WDC in a partnership aimed at increasing awareness of the threats facing whales and dolphins. WDC are helping EON develop a virtual reality app for mobile devices, designed to provide a more engaging and interactive way to learn about whales and dolphins, wherever in the world you may be, and provide an insight into the plight of whales and dolphins, both in captivity and in the wild. Users will be able to view and interact with these beautiful creatures and see what their daily lives are like. ….[READ]


Investment Is Flowing Into VR

Should You Buy the Hype? An Inside Look at the Virtual Reality Landscape

When 19-year-old Palmer Luckey launched an ambitious virtual reality Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, in no way could he have dreamt up a scenario that involved reawakening a billion-dollar industry, grabbing Mark Zuckerberg as a boss, or fueling a conglomerate arms race between Facebook, Google, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Intel and AMD. His redesign of virtual reality for the 21st century defied all expectations, raising ten times the initial $250,000 goal. Not only did Luckey’s campaign attract $2.5 million dollars, he also captured a growing market segment yearning for VR. To put it simply—gamers were stoked. Surprisingly, so too was Mark Zuckerberg. ….[READ]


When fashion goes virtual

Get Ready for this Virtual Reality Fashion Magazine Cover Shoot

For the September issue cover shoot of fashion magazine Elle Canada, readers will be given a unique behind-the-scenes look from the set, all made available in virtual reality. The cover shoot with Diane Kruger was captured for a soon to be released VR film from Elle Canada. Filmed at the Dawnridge estate in Los Angeles earlier this year, the cover will prominently feature Kruger on the 236-page issue. Elle Canada partnered with Toronto-based virtual reality company PCP VR to capture the magazine’s cover shoot for the VR film with what can only be described as a giant spider camera rig. ….[READ]


VR for traders

#179: Visualizing Stock Market Data & Bringing VR to Wall Street with QuantVR

Eric Greenbaum was at a New York Virtual Reality Meetup when someone from the financial industry came up to him with some ideas for how to use VR to analyze stock market data. They decided to collaborate on QuantVR and develop a prototype demo of a stock market platform and data visualization tool that was shown at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo this spring. Greenbaum’s business partner has a lot of experience within the financial industry, and they’ve using that insight to create different 3D visualizations of financial data in order see patterns within the data. They created a Ticker Tube view that fills up your entire field of view in VR with data from 300-400 stocks, but they believe that VR has the potential to go beyond just adding a lot more screen real estate for 2D data. ….[READ]


Advertising through virtual reality

Mark Zuckerberg says virtual reality is the obvious next step for Facebook

Facebook has another quarter in the books, and the company’s business continues to boom. Its revenues rose roughly 40 percent year over year, to $4.04 billion. But its net income declined compared to last year, declining from $791 million to $719 million. Its operating margins also tumbled as Facebook’s spending soared. This measure of profitability slumped from 48 percent this time a year ago to 31 percent this quarter. On today’s earnings call, chief financial officer David Wehner said that the company had added a near record number of new employees this quarter, most in research and development, which helps explain the change in margins. R&D spending is focused on fun things like drones and lasers that beam down internet access and of course, virtual realitSet featured imagey. ….[READ]


Morpheus, Vive, or Rift?

Get ready for the virtual reality platform wars

At some point around mid-2013, most of the people I knew started talking through what was theoretically a very serious choice: Xbox One or PlayStation 4. There were points in favor of each — Sony didn’t have Halo, but Microsoft forced you to buy the Kinect, and so on. But it never felt like a momentous decision. You might miss out on a few games or spend a little more money, but you were fundamentally getting the same experience. For a little more than the cost of a phone, you could even buy both. In mid-2015, I’m going to start having a similarly serious conversation with a much smaller group: Morpheus, Vive, or Rift? And unlike the next-gen console debate, the virtual reality platform wars are going to be a complete nightmare. …..[READ]


Preview your dream house

How VR will disrupt sales and marketing

Let me tell you how my sales demo goes. At first, clients design a house extension using a simple web app, which also offers a real-time 3D preview. People get excited because they see form and factor evolving interactively, and they can really imagine what their house extension will look like. I let them explore this for a bit, and a minute later I pull the Oculus Rift out of my bag, and: BAM! They stand in the middle of it. By this time they are flabbergasted. So, I take them even one step further: I tell them about 360 degree pictures, and show them what a picture like that looks like, taken with a regular smartphone: Now what if we could project the house extension on the wall in a few simple steps, and preview it in full 3D? ….[READ]