How to motivate students with virtual learning environments

3 ways virtual rewards improve education As we wrote before, virtual reality is transforming education in many different ways. But one of the most powerful is that it helps students develop a motivation for learning through virtual rewards that provide real value to the learners, a sense of personal or group success, and personal autonomy. Virtual rewards can replace traditional grades and badges and can dramatically improve student motivation when they are aligned with educational goals. “Until recently teachers had moved away from rewards in the classroom, because they are associated with behaviorism and because they are generally not used … Continue reading How to motivate students with virtual learning environments

How virtual reality explores the “adjacent possible”

Our growing addiction to “cognitive ectasy” drives technology’s progress… and that’s okay Why are humans so damn curious? Because discovery is pleasurable. Jason Silva, in his latest video, says humans don’t care about spectacle—what we care about is ecstatic understanding: “In other words, cognitive ecstasy defined as an exhilarating neurostorm of intense intellectual pleasure.” Maybe you’ve experienced this “cognitive ecstasy” at one time or another. I get a jolt of it after small discoveries in a book, conversation, or after writing an article. Silva notes it happens with great regularity as children, and then tails off. And to a certain … Continue reading How virtual reality explores the “adjacent possible”

Ellie, the AI-psychologist

Big Brother is feeling you: The global impact of AI-driven mental healthcare Big Brother is feeling you—literally. A few months back, I wrote about Ellie, the world’s first AI-psychologist. Developed by DARPA and researchers at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies, Ellie is a diagnostic tool capable of reading 60 non-verbal cues a second—everything from eye-gaze to face tilt to voice tone—in the hopes of identifying the early warning signs of depressions and (part of the long term goal) stemming the rising tide of soldier suicide. And early reports indicate that Ellie is both good at her job and that soldiers … Continue reading Ellie, the AI-psychologist

Medical virtual reality

Shape the future of medicine at the Exponential Medicine Conference, November 9-12 In the last century, breakthroughs in modern medicine have driven big gains in quality and length of life. Antibiotics, immunization, imaging and radiology, complex surgery, minimally invasive surgery—and more. It’s a long, impressive list. But what will the next hundred years bring? exponential-medicine-5The US spends some 18% of gross domestic product on healthcare and yet ranks last on a list of 17 developed countries by outcome. We face an increasing shortage of providers even as the healthcare burden and number of covered Americans is set to grow. The … Continue reading Medical virtual reality

Who is Palmer Luckey?

Meet The Inventor Who Is Finally Making Virtual Reality Real Last weekend Palmer Luckey hosted a conference in Los Angeles, where several thousand engineers and developers gathered to hear him talk. He unveiled a new prototype version of his company’s product, which observers described in terms ranging from “amazing” to “revolutionary.” He gave dozens of media interviews to outlets from around the world. nd he also turned 22 years old. Engineering prodigy Palmer Luckey started developing his own head-mounted virtual reality displays when he was still attending high school in Long Beach, California. A fan of science-fiction movies like The … Continue reading Who is Palmer Luckey?

How to paint in 3D

‘Tilt Brush’ Surprises and Delights with Best GUI at Proto Awards – Lets You Create VR Paintings with Depth A previously unknown virtual reality software title, Tilt Brush, went home with the Proto Award for Best GUI (graphical user interface) thanks to its innovative virtual reality interface. The software uses a gaze-based interface that allows users to paint in 3D and even use the Oculus Rift DK2′s positional tracking for brush input. Tilt Brush was completely unknown prior to the Proto Awards, which had their first show last weekend in Hollywood, CA. When testing Tilt Brush as a judge for … Continue reading How to paint in 3D

Can VR suddenly replace the physical world?

I tricked my brain into thinking real life was VR If you talk to anybody who’s into virtual reality for more than ten minutes, you will probably end up speculating about when we might achieve total immersion: the point at which a simulated experience becomes functionally indistinguishable from real life. Most people will submit that we’re not near that point yet, barring a nightmare scenario that Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey posited at the company’s conference this weekend — imagine “you’re in a room that has no movement, no sound except for yourself breathing, and no scent… and you’re in a … Continue reading Can VR suddenly replace the physical world?